Area Profile Scanner 3D

Three technologies, one solution

3-in-1 innovation for 3D robot guidance and in-line gauging: stereometry combined with triangulation and phase-shifting structured light projection.

3-in-1 innovation for 3D Robot Guidance and In-line Gauging: stereometry combined with triangulation and phase-shifting structured light projection. (Photo: Isra Vision)

Isra Vision has presented exclusively a smart sensor innovation for robot-guided 3D Vision applications. Area Profile Scanner 3D, in short: APS3D, offers a worldwide unique combination of stereometry, triangulation and phase-shift methods. It allows for highly precise measuring of free-form surfaces – a prerequisite for continuous quality assurance in the automated assembly, for example of sheet metal parts. APS3D can ideally be integrated in the quality control of incoming materials or in accurate final assembly.

APS3D extends Isra´s product portfolio by a compact 3-in-1 solution. The innovative combination of technologies represents the fusion of 3D robot guidance and in-line gauging in an advanced sensor. It allows for the fast and reliable acquisition of surface information – from automated 3D data generation to 3D point clouds and data meshing up to comparison with CAD data. This makes it the ideal tool for applications such as shape measurement, verification of dimensional accuracy and geometric in-line measurement.

Multiple sensors as a modular satellite system for complex surfaces
The sensor with an integrated high-performance processor works as a stand-alone solution or mounted onto the robot. Even when measuring large surfaces, it provides rapid results with an accuracy of less than ten micrometers. Available in different variants, APS3D supports measuring fields of up to 460 to 380 millimeters. For even bigger or particularly complex surfaces, multiple sensors may be arranged as a modular satellite system.


APS3D is characterized by easy integration in robot-based automation processes and extremely user-friendly, intuitive operability. The technology is compatible with any common analysis programs. The sensor is delivered in a pre-calibrated condition and with standardized components. This allows for rapid replacement, reducing down time.    pb


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