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Collaborative robot based on Kuka. Bosch Rexroth continues to expand its portfolio of Automatic Production Assistants (Apas): With this assistant, the company now also integrates Kuka technology into its product range.

Combines the strengths of human and machine: The Apas assistant based on a Kuka robot supports a variety of work tasks safely and with high precision. © Bosch Rexroth

The new Apas assistant is already equipped with everything you need to make your own production ready for the future. With a high range of 1.100 mm and a large payload capacity of ten kg, it supports a large number of work tasks or independently handles monotonous or non-ergonomical tasks with high precision and cost-efficiency. When it comes to future-oriented human-robot collaboration, safety comes first. This is made possible through an innovative Bosch safety concept.

Like all other Apas robotic systems, the Apas assistant also has an especially developed sensor skin, which is the key technology for safe human-robot collaboration. If an employee gets too close to the Apas assistant, it stops immediately – even before the human and the robot touch each other. Once the employee has left the immediate vicinity, the robot independently resumes its work exactly where it stopped before. In addition, the production assistant automatically switches to a safe speed if distance is missed by an employee. This safety concept allows the Apas assistant to adapt its working speed to the situation.

The Kuka-based Apas assistant can be used in collaborative applications or as a stand-alone version. Thanks to conventional Kuka programming, existing know-how can be utilized and tasks can be implemented in the shortest possible time. In addition, the Apas assistant scores with the widely-used PLC interface mxAutomation, which enables an uncomplicated connection to the existing system environment. Another advantage is the freely selectable control KRC 4 compact (IP20) or the KRC 4 smallsize-2 (IP54). Thus, depending on the circumstances of their existing system, users can decide for themselves whether the control unit is placed in the existing control cabinet or externally.


The Apas assistant combines features such as a high range, large payload capacity, optimized repetitive accuracy and Kuka technology into a unique overall package. This creates the best conditions for optimizing existing process structures, increasing efficiency and improving overall productivity in the long term. pb


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