TS 5 conveyor

Quick assembly

Rexroth presents the latest edition of its transfer system for heavy loads. By optimizing existing components and integrating important new modules into the portfolio, the TS 5 conveyor system has become more flexible – and is able to meet the requirements of an even broader range of industry sectors.

Transfer system TS 5 with king shaft drive can now be used with greater flexibility and allows virtually any layout to be planned and implemented quickly. (Fig.: Bosch Rexroth)

New capabilities include tandem transport for oversized cargo, which is of particular importance to users in the automotive sector. Also new: TS 5 now provides the option to connect with i4.0 tools, for example to visualize production processes in real time. Using the MTpro planning tool, the new generation of TS 5 makes it easy to implement any layout, which can display a load range of more than 400 kg. With the new TS 5 conveyor, customers can now integrate a three-way-diverter, a rotate unit, a front end drive and a compact stop gate into the final system. For larger components, the tandem transport capability allows for the transfer of excessively long products.

The upgrades provide the user with even more flexibility when designing their individual system layout and make the TS 5 the ideal solution for numerous industry sectors. The huge variety of application possibilities is supported by other TS 5 advantages, such as ESD capability, suitability for abrasive or oily environments, or use in a dry room.

Compared with systems using standard chain drives, the TS 5 system’s king shaft drive and the conveyor rollers allow the customer to experience virtually maintenance-free production, with low wear and increased productivity. The system can be seamlessly connected to other Rexroth solutions such as the Active Cockpit. The interactive communication platform processes and displays manufacturing data in real time. Parameters such as energy efficiency, cycle time and workpiece pallet tracking can be measured and visualized for greater transparency and more efficient production processes.


Finally, the MT pro project planning tool simplifies every part of the project with its easy layout design, automated order lists and links to the product catalog and assembly instructions. So the transfer system can be planned and implemented even faster, thereby further shortening time to market for manufacturers who depend on TS 5. pb


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