IntelliPICK3D systems

Shortest Cycle Times

IntelliPICK3D systems. A new robot vision system is making automated component separation more efficient, reliable and versatile.

The IntelliPICK3D systems recognize even complex parts in various sizes.

The new IntelliPICK3D systems from Isra Vision now make automated bin picking even more efficient and flexible. In addition to faster recognition and better gripping, even of the most complex parts, the systems offer quick commissioning within just a few hours. This reduces machine downtime and ensures a continuous supply of parts to the production line.

All IntelliPICK3D sensors are pre-calibrated, come with an additional automated calibration of both sensor and robot as well as an intuitive menu, shortening set up times to just a few hours. With its latest software add-on, the system fully tolerates varying container types and positions – offering valuable advantages, especially in combination with the system’s fast scans and instant computing. This secures a timely supply of parts to the production line. Furthermore, the “Fast Collision Check“ allows for gripping multiple parts, collision free without any additional scan. The system’s versatile features enable a fast return-on-investment within a single year, while standardized components minimize overall maintenance efforts.

By learning new object shapes quickly and easily based on CAD data, the systems’ ability to recognize objects for gripping is almost unlimited. Even dirty or shiny objects as well as complex object geometries are reliably recognized, thanks to the multi-line laser illumination.


With such robustness and flexibility, the IntelliPICK3D series offers reliable and versatile random bin picking for a variety of industries. As part of the “Touch & Automate“-portfolio, sensors are equipped with WiFi and are therefore ready for the future of industrial production and compatible with Industrie 4.0. pb


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