Electric tow tractor

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Jungheinrich has market-launched its new high-performance tow tractor – the EZS 350, including an XL version with expanded battery space for trailer loads of up to five tonnes.

The new tow tractor. (Fig.: Jungheinrich)

This robust, versatile and economical vehicle is based on the new design of the ECE horizontal order pickers, fitted with LED lights and reflectors. Equipped with a high performance, energy efficient 2.8 Kilowatt three-phase AC-motor, the tow tractor achieves speeds of up to eight kilometers per hour when carrying a load and 12.5 Kilometers per hour without any load, with optimised acceleration values. Regenerative braking feeds the braking energy back into the battery, thus extending the operating time. Compared with other tractors on the market, the EZS 350 achieves the highest performance and lowest energy consumption, explains Jungheinrich. A variety of battery options allow the vehicle to be ideally tailored to fit any application and individually required operating time without needing to change the battery.

Jungheinrich also offers an XL version of the EZS 350, featuring a 24 Volt lead acid battery including the guarantee “two shifts, one charge”. So the battery charge will last for two full shifts without needing to be recharged. The tow tractor can optionally be equipped with lithium ion technology for extremely short charging times, permitting twentyfour-hour, three-shift operation without a battery change.


Along with enhancing the energy efficiency, Jungheinrich also paid great attention to robustness. Due to an extra high front chassis apron and a cushioned transmission hood, both made of highgrade steel, the EZS 350 is suitable for the toughest applications.

The multifunctional steering wheel “Jet Pilot” provides for carlike steering and ergonomic operation. Thanks to a larger adjustment range, the steering wheel can now be set even at an even lower height, making it ideal for short people as well. The steering angledependent curve control assistance system and improved centre of gravity make for stable and reliable steering even in difficult situations or when cornering. The low stand-on-platform makes it easy to mount and dismount from the generous-sized, ergonomic workplace. For even greater comfort, the EZS 350 can optionally be fitted with a cushioned stand-on-platform, plus a height adjustable backrest with optimised upper part for safe gripping when driving in reverse as well as a folding seat. For tall operators, a comfort stand-on platform is also available.

The EZS 350 also offers additional functions to support its use as a transport vehicle in internal tow train applications. For example, the Jungheinrich GTE and GTP trailers can be directly controlled using the lifting and lowering rocker integrated into the jetPILOT steering wheel. The current lifting or lowering status is directly displayed on the new two-inch display, giving the operator a perfect overview of the status of his trailers. And the display also provides the operator with information on the battery charge, the number of hours of operation, the travel speed, error codes and a choice of three different driving programmes. To protect against unauthorised use, the vehicle can optionally be fitted with a system, which allows it to be started solely through the use of softkey, a PIN code or a transponder card. pb


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