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Ready to use

Light section and vision sensors combined in one device. Pepperl+Fuchs presents a new product familiy with unique combination of laser light section sensor and vision sensor in compact shape.

The main part of the SmartRunner technology is the laser light section method which is optimal for detection, observation and protection of even small objects. (Fig.: Pepperl+Fuchs)

The light section sensors from the smartrunner range uniquely combine a high-precision light section sensor and vision sensor into one compact device. These ready-to-use, plug&play devices from Pepperl+Fuchs are optimized at the factory for a specific field of work. Unlike conventional „general purpose“ devices, commissioning and parameterization is extremely simple to carry out using teach-in or via data matrix control codes, and does not require trained and qualified personnel.

Thanks to powerful LED lighting, smartrunner devices are capable of capturing images for the visual documentation of errors, process conditions and quality attributes. The integrated data matrix decoder allows user to parameterize the sensor simply via data matrix control codes – without using a PC. The light section sensors supply the detection result as a good or bad signal to the switching outputs, which can be processed using any control panel.

The first representatives of the device family to be available are the Smartrunner “Matcher” and the Smartrunner “Detector”. The matcher is optimized to recognize a previously taught-in reference contour. Typical tasks include checking the position and accuracy of objects with high precision, to verify whether the robot can grasp body components, for example.


In contrast, the Smartrunner Detector monitors the taught-in scene for the entry of foreign bodies that pose a danger to sensitive machine parts, such as expensive lenses and precision tools. It detects objects with a size range of up to one millimeter with high accuracy, using a trapezoidal measuring range that is 350 millimeters wide and 700 millimeters deep. The smartrunner has numerous areas of use, such as in the automotive industry and in many areas of plant and mechanical engineering. pb


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Kompakt gesteckt

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Fernwartung mit 4G

Den Fernwartungsrouter Ewon Cosy von HMS gibt es jetzt auch in einer Ausführung für 4G LTE (Europa, Nordamerika). Außerdem unterstützen alle Modelle auch eine Benachrichtigungsfunktion.



Prüfsysteme optimieren

Die Farbversionen der intelligenten BOA-Spot-Vision-Sensoren von Teledyne Dalsa bieten eine größere Vielseitigkeit für den Einsatz in industriellen Prüfprozessen.



Mit dem Rechner unterwegs

Noax hat ein Logistikterminal speziell für die Bedürfnisse in der Lagerlogistik entwickelt. Auf Basis des Industrie-PC der Serie C12 ist das Terminal so konzipiert, dass es den Anforderungen auf Flurförderfahrzeugen, Gabel- und Seitenstaplern...



Geschlossener Auftritt

„NCC – Not connected closed“ bedeutet „im ungesteckten Zustand verschlossen“. Normalerweise erfüllen Steckverbinder nur im gesteckten Zustand die Schutzklasse IP67.