Area Profile Scanner 3D

Highly flexible and reliable

Measuring edges, hole dimensions, flushness, gaps – with a combination of different measurement methods and 3D point cloud technology, a new 3D sensor has become an universal solution for a wide range of measurement tasks.

APS3D captures complex surfaces down to the very last detail. (Fig.: Isra Vision)

Inspecting a plane surface for bumps and indentations, measuring the diameter of an orifice or capturing a free-form surface for CAD data matching are all diverse tasks that can arise during the inspection of deep-drawn sheets or injection-molded parts. With its combination of stereometry, triangulation and phase-shift lighting, the newest generation of the “Area Profile Scanner 3D” can be used wherever object geometries need to be measured accurately at high speed. The 3D sensor thus ensures reliable quality assurance on highly automated production lines and can be used both for inspecting incoming materials as well as for output control. Thanks to the precise measurement of free-form surfaces, the 3D sensor provides fast results with accuracy in the range of a few micrometers – even when measuring large surfaces. It is available in different variants and measuring fields.

Thanks to its stereometric two-camera set-up, the APS3D uses triangulation to calculate the surface of a test object with the highest precision in three dimensions. The sensor uses random pattern or phase-shift lighting. Random pattern lighting sends the sensor the necessary points of reference in a single image, significantly speeding up scanning times and considerably shortening cycle times. Object detection and quality inspection can also be done “on the fly” with moving objects and without motion blur – resulting in minimum cycle times. The collected data is shown in a point cloud and can be exported for CAD data matching. Thanks to the integrated PC, the data can also be exported in STL format. All three-dimensional characteristics are detected and work steps can be performed without any additional measurements. Through automated meshing, where the individual 3D data points are connected to one another in a triangular shape to form a network, the sensor is able to digitally map complex surfaces. This produces a cohesive model that can be forwarded to a 3D printer for example. Based on geometric relations, the APS3D checks the quality of surfaces, the correct size of boreholes and the correct spatial relationships between object features within one scan. The Windows operating system, the intuitive user interface and menu guidance, and the multi-touch navigation are easy to use. The sensor can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, integrated into the production line or mounted on a robot, and is compatible with all conventional Ethernet and fieldbus interfaces. pb


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