Rea Jet hybrid print

Enhanced competitiveness

Rea Jet HR pro thermal inkjet printers facilitate late stage customization and thus raise unit productivity and efficiency.

Rea Jet multi-web digital inline printing of variable data. (Fig.: REA)

The trend in the printing industry is towards ever smaller batch size and individualised products with variable content, so manufacturers of deep, flexo and offset printing machines find themselves constrained to enhance their versatility and flexibility in an effort to counter the competition coming from digital printing. A cost-effective solution is offered by Rea Jet with coding and marking systems for digital inline printing of variable data: Rea Jet HR pro thermal inkjet printers facilitate last-minute individualization (late stage customization) and thus raise unit productivity and efficiency.

The module creates symbiosis between the traditional printing process and digital printing, upgrading winders and laminators, and in the case of new units it can be integrated ex works or retrofitted. The robust, maintenance-free Rea Jet HR series systems are based on tried and tested HP cartridge technology, offering production speeds of up to 762 meters per minute, up to 46 prints per second and printing of texts, figures, graphics, automated counters, date and time objects as well as 1D and 2D codes. Data structure and communication interface are in XML and herewith base on an open IT standard, which ensures rapid, problem-free integration. Thanks to an integrated web server the coding and marking system can be controlled from any internet browser and directly integrated into the machine’s existing HMI system. If intervention is required, an also integrated VNC server enables remote servicing without additional costs or software installation.


This solution facilitates rapid reaction to new requirements and last minute changes, since it is able flexibly to apply information changes. Possible applications are marketing campaigns, discount campaigns and lotteries or even individualisation, numbering and serialisation of products. Even QR codes, packaging refinement and backside numbering with self-adhesive labels are part of the services. Packaging material can be printed in real time. Because updated individualization takes place at the end, the printing process gains flexibility. The software manages the content to be printed in a database and ensures that all codes and printing content constitute a unique print for printing only once. Up to 32 print heads can be controlled and reliably supplied with printing data. pb


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