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Moves small masses dynamically

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The new ironless linear motors by Rexroth position small masses with superior precision and maximum synchronization. The MCL product line features four sizes with graded lengths and a maximum force range of between 20 and 1.700 N. This enables an acceleration of up to 300 m/s² and a maximum speed of up to 1.300 m/min. To increase performance even more, several primary components can be set up in a sequence or parallel to each other. The compact design provides different mounting planes for mounting primary and secondary parts, providing the highest flexibility in construction design. Optionally, the linear motors also come with a hall sensor unit to detect the position for the initial commutation. Compared to ironcore motors, the MCL product line of linear motors distinguish themselves with the ironless design of the primary part, which contains the three-phase winding. The three-phase copper winding is completely compound-filled and not inserted into an iron core. The primary part carrier is made of aluminum and is used to mount the primary component and for heat removal. The U-shaped secondary part contains permanent magnets and encloses the primary component. pb


initial commutation


three-phase winding

dreiphasige Kupferwicklung


Bearings with integrated brake

Schaeffler Group Industrial has developed a new, particularly compact and lightweight bearing support featuring an electromechanical brake. The ZAXB bearing unit is particularly suitable for the reliable fixing and smooth positioning of ceiling mounts in operating rooms. The incorporated AXS angular contact roller bearing can support high axial loads and tilting moments. This ensures that the numerous medical devices as well as computers and screens can be reliably brought to their optimal ergonomic positions. The electromechanical brake enables their secure location. Compared to conventional systems with separately attached brake, the unit is much lighter and more compact. At the same time, it is a closed system, which means that there is less exposure to aggressive disinfectants which could damage the materials used. Ceiling mounts in operating rooms must reliably support a growing number of ever heavier devices, whilst at the same time allowing their quiet and vibration-free positioning. The bearings must exhibit high static load safety and tilting rigidity in the smallest-possible installation space. pb

tilting moments


ceiling mounts in operating rooms

Deckenstative in OP-Bereichen



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