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Intelligent power distribution in the IT rack

Rittal has presented four compact PDU (power distribution unit) systems for professional power distribution in IT racks. These units are available in a passive "PDU basic" version, as well as the intelligent "PDU metered", "PDU switched" and "PDU managed" versions, and they can be deployed worldwide. This new generation of compact PDU power distribution systems made from anodised extruded aluminium sections is easy to assemble. With the new "TS IT" rack assembly is performed without tools using snap-in technology. The units possess international C13 and C19 connectors, which are the norm in data centres. A country-specific version is also available for the British market. Electrical outputs of over 40 kW can be distributed by one rack PDU. Depending on the model involved, the smart, manageable PDU versions enable energy management by phase (feed) or even down to server-level (single energy measurement per output slot). By using bi-stable relays (with the switchable versions) and an energy-efficient OLED display with a power save feature, the PDUs have a small internal consumption and thus low operating costs. pb

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Modular design accelerates construction

Assemble machines at one's own plant, then disassemble it and put into operation again at the customer¿s location: this is the classic approach of yesterday. Today, more and more machine manufacturers are turning to modular design systems and assemble the machine right at the customer's site - thereby saving both, time and money. Rexroth is fueling that trend with decentralized motor-integrated servo drives and a wide range of drive- and controller-based motion logic systems. They allow machine manufacturers to simultaneously preassemble modules even better than before and assemble customer-specific versions not until the final assembly. The motor-integrated servo drives IndraDrive Mi supports all standard real-time Ethernet protocols with a Multi-Ethernet interface. Machine manufacturers have the flexibility to adapt preassembled series modules to individual machine versions with different communication architectures. One hybrid cable is all it takes to connect to other modules equipped with an IndraDrive Mi. The drive-integrated safety functions allow machine manufacturers to divide the drives involved into any number of safety zones in a standardized manner. pb

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