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Recording the torques

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The re-designed feeder extends the current series of contactless torque measuring shafts, being available for small measuring ranges such as ten, 30 or 50 Nm. As with the existing Dataflex series, the new Dataflex 16 provides for a very high measuring frequency of ten kHz, in this way allowing to measure the dangerous torque peaks arising in highly dynamic drives more and more frequently. Unless reduced at an early stage, such loads cause unexpected damages on the machine. The torque is measured by means of the well-approved process via strain gauges. It provides for high accuracy and assures a high process safety. The contactless data transmission operates digitally with a resolution of 24 Bit which allows the feeder to reach a high precision while being characterized by a low-noise signal. The output voltage is available as an analogous voltage from minus ten to plus ten V. As a standard every measuring shaft has a high-resolution impulse transmitter producing two shifted signals with 360 pulses per revolution each. The details about speed are available either as a square wave signal or voltage signal via the attached connection housing. pb




torque measuring shafts


strain gauges



Lighting elements

Disoric supplies a product family of compact lighting elements for use in industry. An unrivalled wide range of lighting elements has been developed using energy-saving LED technology. One priority is to use low-loss control mechanisms and components which aim to convert as little of the power consumed as possible into thermal radiation but to generate as much lighting as possible from this power. Disoric lights can be used in a supply voltage range of ten to 35 V DC without any restrictions. The electronic components are power-regulated, so voltage fluctuations have no effect on the light output. Only selected LEDs with an extremely long lifetime and a high light output are used. No additional lighting controllers or controlled power supplies are needed to operate the lighting elements. In addition to the standard colours of white, red, green and blue, Disoric also supplies infrared lighting elements. These versions find particular approval in the field of camera sensors and industrial image processing. All lighting elements have virtually unlimited uses and are suitable for use as machine lighting or as supplementary lighting for image processing systems. pb

low-loss control mechanisms

verlustarme Regelmechanismen

thermal radiation


image processing system




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