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Portable storage rack saves time and space

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Keeping odd-shaped products organized and stored for shipping or assembly has posed a problem for many fabricators and assemblers in all kinds of industries. Now, using a unique Pin Rack portable stacking rack from Steel King allows them to store items of all shapes on racks with adjustable pin-type inserts, thereby saving time, space and labor costs. The Pin Rack handles needs very efficiently via a design concept somewhat resembling a pegboard, except that the holes are in the bottom of the rack. The array of holes enables the user to insert a number of 12-inch pins in a configuration that best conforms to the shapes being stored. This permits users to consolidate inventories better, resulting in more efficient storage and less waste of time and money in retrieving inventory. The racks are part of Steel King’s popular Stac King portable rack system, and may be stacked up to ten high to maximize storage efficiency. The Pin Rack’s flexible design has encouraged some to use it in innovative ways to help organize assembly processes. For example, a gasket manufacturer places the pin rack at a 30-degree angle on the floor and arranges the drop-in pins in such a manner that the rack will hold a variety of different gasket shapes and sizes. When assembly of gasket kits or sets is required, the process is simplified, saving time and improving accuracy. pb


odd-shaped products

Kleinteile, Einzelteile, unregelmäßig geformte Teile

a gasket manufacturer

Hersteller von Dichtungen


Enter the booming Asian packaging market

Belonging to the leaders of the global automation market and as the market leader in Asia in industrial automation, Mitsubishi is ideally placed to help European companies develop their businesses in the Asian packaging sector. The company´s roots are in Asia, and it is one of the powerhouses behind the Japanese and Asian economies. As a result, Mitsubishi knows the market and understands the needs of packaging manufacturers as they strive to achieve the optimum balance of cost control, investment and maintaining a competitive edge. This is important because packaging interests, and, therefore, needs, are different in Europe and Asia, and place different demands on suppliers. Central to Mitsubishi’s strategy is the company’s iQ Automation Platform. This provides an integrated architecture for all aspects of packaging machinery control, including general, process, motion and IT control. As a result, designing high speed, high yield systems, as required by the packaging industry, is second nature with iQ. The flexibility and modularity provided by the iQ Platform means that it can deliver the optimum solution, whether the system/control requirement is for Low/Medium, Medium/High and Ultra-High production flow packaging machines. pb

to strive to achieve the optimum balance of cost control

sich um ein ausgewogenes Kostenverhältnis bemühen

to deliver

ausliefern, übergeben



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