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With the new size 7, the Movidrive B converter series from SEW-Eurodrive now covers a nominal power range up to 315 kW. The design of the new size is based on the successful design concept and excellent product features of the well-known Movidrive B product series.

Incorporating the same control board and the options which find unlimited use, the Movidrive B shows its strengths in flawless system operation. The whole series is highly reliable and, due to the modular design of the control board and power section, especially easy to service. From the way it is started up to its modular design, size 7 is fully integrated into the Movidrive B product series.

All option cards of the product series can be used without limits, providing a flexible connection to a large number of bus systems and making it extremely easy to integrate encoder interfaces. The tried-and-tested, pre-configured control programs (application modules) can be used without restriction. The design of size 7 makes it particularly suitable for control cabinet installation, and no line choke is required. As an option, a brake chopper can be integrated into the basic unit. pb


flawless system operation

reibungsloser Anlagenbetrieb

no line choke is required

eine separate Netzdrossel ist nicht erforderlich


Delta Family of Print Engines

Atlantic Zeiser Group presents its entire range of substrate flexible digital drop-on-demand (DoD) inkjet print engines as well as a plethora of new additions to the capabilities of its extensive system solutions portfolio. For example: The Delta Family.

This new generation of high-speed printers with six different models replaces Atlantic Zeiser’s highly popular Alpha series within the Atlantic Zeiser product line. Delta modules are available as UV and water-based models using high quality Atlantic Zeiser inks with a new generation of remote-controlled active ink supply. Delta models feature a print width of 105 up to 210 millimeters and five-level variable drop size. Pneumatic print head positioning places print heads in either print or park/clean positions. Multiple print head installations add further flexibility to Delta configurations. Its water-based inks offer an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based inkjet printing, a characteristic that is becoming increasingly important to both consumers and producers of print. Delta printers are capable of delivering offset-like quality and speeds – up to 300 meters per minute – on a multitude of substrates. pb

a plethora of new additions

eine Fülle von Zubehör

an environmentally friendly alternative

eine umweltfreundliche Alternative



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