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Today a good command of English is self-evident. How about your knowledge of technical terms? At regular intervals handling publishes interesting news and translates some vocabulary.

Let’s take a classic principle, that is what engineers at ABP-Antriebstechnik GmbH thought when they created a new family of double loop couplings. For best flexibility they have used connecting elements made of polyurethane. This is a reliable material which has been successfully used in many other applications. By means of these connecting elements the couplings can equalize large radial, axial and angle offsets. Another positive effect is the outstanding electrical and thermal insulation. The couplings may be used within the temperature range of minus 30 up to plus 80°C. The hubs are made of galvanized steel and have two grub screws conform to DIN 916. There are four different overall lengths: 28, 35, 48 and 60 millimeters. Bores can be supplied up to 19 millimeters in the largest version and even up to ten millimeters for the smallest coupling. Feather key grooves are also available, as well as combinations of different bore diameters. The double loop couplings are suitable for various mechanical and mechatronic assemblies such as measurement drives and the drives of rotary position transducers and resolvers. The website gives more information. pb


grub screws


feather key grooves



Almost without Noise

Throughout the entire pressure range of up to 280 bar, Rexroth‘s external gear pump Silence Plus reduces noise emissions by an average of 15 dB(A) compared to conventional external gear pumps. In lower pressure ranges of less than 50 bar used in coolant, filter and lubricant cycles, it runs almost without noise. For many applications, this eliminates the need for secondary noise reduction measures. In addition, Rexroth also moved the measurably reduced noise into a lower frequency range. Field tests have shown that at lower pressure ranges the increase in noise emission from the electric motor caused by the pump is barely noticeable. At a working pressure of ten bar, airborne noise increases by only three dB(A) from 52db(A) to 55dB(A). In addition, by moving the noise into a 35 percent lower frequency range, its pitch is close to that of the electric motor. The result: a low-pitched ambient working noise that is much more pleasant compared to other external gear pumps. The design prevents oil from getting trapped between the tooth flanks and reduces pressure pulsation in the system by around 75 percent. This reduces body-borne noise throughout the entire hydraulic cycle. pb

external gear pump


body-borne noise




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Den passenden Partner an der Seite

Auf der HMI in Hannover zeigt Dr. TRETTER sein gesamtes Produktspektrum. Dazu gehören Linearsysteme, Kugelbuchsen, Wellen, Gewindetriebe, Kugelrollen und Toleranzhülsen. Zudem unterstützt das Dr. TRETTER-Team Anwender mit Erfahrung, Know-how und Engagement bei der Umsetzung zukunftsweisender und effizienter Lösungen.



Automated Relubrication System

Schaeffler Dura Sense is now available for linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies. Schaeffler integrates sensors and vibration analysis into its linear guidance systems and offers these mechatronic components with automated...


marking and coding

Hunting lion

Industry 4.0 moves into product marking and coding. Paul Leibinger enables manufacturing companies to enter the Industry 4.0 era with high-level cost-effectiveness.


Highlight der Woche

Effizienz von Werkzeughilfsmitteln und Vorrichtungen durch den 3D-Druck steigern
Dieses White Paper, zeigt ihnen, dass es oft einen besseren und schnelleren Weg gibt, Werkzeughilfsmittel und Vorrichtungen herzustellen, wodurch Kosten gesenkt und die Effizienz erhöht werden kann.

Zum Highlight der Woche...