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English for engineers

Für den Ingenieur sind Englischkenntnisse unerlässlich. Aus der technischen Kommunikation ist diese Sprache nicht mehr wegzudenken. Sind Ihre Englisch-Kenntnisse noch up to date? Beherrschen Sie die Begriffe der englischen Fachsprache? handling druckt regelmäßig ausgewählte englische Texte ab und übersetzt einige Vokabeln.

Durable and crushproof: Snacks in composite cans

Extremely sturdy and crushproof with long-term aroma protection: Packages made by Weidenhammer Packaging Group composite drums and luxury tubes are ideal for sweet or salted snack foods. Practical with individual design options, Weidenhammer composite cans clearly stand out from competing products at the point of sale and ensure maximum snacking pleasure for consumers. A classic in the range of the company`s packaging products, the so called SnackCan, designed for stacked chips, has gained cult status among customers as the package used for Pringles chips. More than in any other food product segments, impulse buying plays an important role when it comes to sweet and salted snack foods. The process of seeing a snack product on the shelf, picking it up and putting it in the shopping cart is one that normally takes place within just a few seconds. The decision is often triggered by a package which offers maximum convenience. pb


sturdy and stabil und crushproof knautschfest
maximum snacking höchstes pleasure Snack-Vergnügen

convenience Komfort, Annehmlichkeit


Cleaning up: Easy-to-clean linear axis

The multi-variant MKR 20-80 linear module from Rexroth is a particularly easy-to-clean and individually configurable, ready-to-install solution for applications involving intensive cleaning cycles, for example in applications associated with the food and packaging industries. The design features smooth, liquid-repellent surfaces without any dead spaces or grooves. The compact case made of anodized aluminium is sealed against the carriage by a DIN EN 10088 compliant noncorrosive steel strip. For especially demanding applications the manufacturer also offers the linear module with ball rail systems made of corrosion-resistant materials to Resist NR II standard. Thanks to the pretensioned toothed belt, the linear module can achieve speeds of up to five meters per second. The gap-type sealing for the guidance of the toothed belt is maintenance-free. Rexroth supplies the linear modules, which are also suitable for vertical operations, in customer-specified lengths to order and both with and without motors. pb

liquid-repellent wasserabweisende surfaces Oberfläche
pretensioned vorgespannter toothed belt Zahnriemen

maintenance-free wartungsfrei



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Den passenden Partner an der Seite

Auf der HMI in Hannover zeigt Dr. TRETTER sein gesamtes Produktspektrum. Dazu gehören Linearsysteme, Kugelbuchsen, Wellen, Gewindetriebe, Kugelrollen und Toleranzhülsen. Zudem unterstützt das Dr. TRETTER-Team Anwender mit Erfahrung, Know-how und Engagement bei der Umsetzung zukunftsweisender und effizienter Lösungen.



Automated Relubrication System

Schaeffler Dura Sense is now available for linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies. Schaeffler integrates sensors and vibration analysis into its linear guidance systems and offers these mechatronic components with automated...


marking and coding

Hunting lion

Industry 4.0 moves into product marking and coding. Paul Leibinger enables manufacturing companies to enter the Industry 4.0 era with high-level cost-effectiveness.


Highlight der Woche

Effizienz von Werkzeughilfsmitteln und Vorrichtungen durch den 3D-Druck steigern
Dieses White Paper, zeigt ihnen, dass es oft einen besseren und schnelleren Weg gibt, Werkzeughilfsmittel und Vorrichtungen herzustellen, wodurch Kosten gesenkt und die Effizienz erhöht werden kann.

Zum Highlight der Woche...