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English for engineers

Für das Berufsbild des Ingenieurs sind Englischkenntnisse unerlässlich. Aus der technischen Kommunikation ist diese Sprache nicht mehr wegzudenken. Doch Hand aufs Herz: Sind Ihre Englisch-Kenntnisse noch up to date? Beherrschen Sie die vielen neuen Begriffe der englischen Fachsprache, die seit Ihrer Ausbildung hinzugekommen sind? handling druckt regelmäßig ausgewählte englische Texte ab und übersetzt einige Vokabeln.

Palletless stretching

The key issue when transporting goods internationally is to ensure that every cubic meter of container loading space is used up, both in order to reduce the impact on the environment and to lower costs. For this reason, the Beumer Group with headquarters in Beckum is now supplying a palletless stretch packaging system which, for example, is suitable for sacks containing plastic pellets. With this packaging technology, there is no longer any need for pallets – just the space required by a forklift in order to handle the package is left free. This means that one extra layer of sacks can be added to each stack and a container can thus hold one extra stack overall. This, in turn, increases transport capacity by up to eight percent – while the freight costs remain the same. The concept is as simple as ingenious: The individual sacks are stacked up on an area the same size as a pallet by the Beumer paletpac palletizer. To allow the forklift truck to properly handle the stack of sacks at a later stage, the uppermost layer is not filled out across its entire width – the edges are left free in the longitudinal direction. Then, the completed stack is transported to the stretch hood high-capacity packaging machine, which pulls a film stretch hood over it. The stack then continues onto the stack turner, which turns the stack upside down. Finally, the stretch hood applies an additional film stretch hood to protect the stack against the elements.


ingenious raffiniert, ausgeklügelt

film stretch hood Folienüberzug


For better visibility

Scratch-free glazing offers many advantages. For example, more daylight enters through scratch-proof window panes. In settings where good visibility and a good customer impression are required, such as in car dealerships, scratch-proof windows are equally important. Two innovations now offer clarity for the glazing of Hörmann industrial doors.

Scratches in plastic glazing are annoying, yet previously often unavoidable. The typical streaks and scratches are a result of regular cleaning – in some glazing they are even already due to the final cleaning after fitting. Initially they look unattractive, especially in sunlight, later on they even prevent visibility. Details are often no longer visible.

For quite some time the Duratec glazing used as standard by Hörmann largely has been preventing these negative effects. The specially sealed synthetic glazing, which is only available at Hörmann according to the manufacturer, is sustainably protected from scratches and cleaning marks. This way the clear view remains intact even after multiple cleaning. The door and glazing leave a good impression even after a long period of time. The company based in Steinhagen is now improving the quality of its industrial doors even further. It now offers new 26 millimeter thick Duratec glazing as standard. Due to its thickness, this glazing no longer requires plastic spacers in the centre of the pane. These now no longer obstruct the view.

specially sealed spezialversiegeltes synthetic glazing Kunststoffglas

to obstruct the view die Sicht einschränken



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