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Rexroth Productivity Agent: Improving Availability

Users can improve long-term machine availability by using the IndraDrive Productivity Agent, which monitors the status of axis mechanics and notifies the user of wear-related damage in advance without the need for additional hardware. Monitoring also ensures that the dynamics and precision of the axes are maximized. The Productivity Agent uses the intelligent IndraDrive units as a sensor in parallel to the production process. Data is recorded and analyzed by the drive-integrated motion logic and translated into usable information about the current status of the axis. As soon as the defined tolerance thresholds are exceeded, the Productivity Agent notifies the user of wear before problems with production are experienced or the machine fails. This diagnosis improves machine availability and reduces the total cost of ownership by ensuring that the machines are maintained on schedule. The software-based Productivity Agent also incorporates an active vibration damping and counteracting function in addition to the diagnostic functions available so that users can respond to mechanical characteristics in a targeted manner and raise the performance of the overall machine. pb


wear-related damage Verschleißschäden

defined tolerance definierte thresholds Toleranzschwellen


Complete control system for handling and assembly

The right controller is now available for all handling and assembly applications with interfaces to components such as drive controllers or valve terminals. For point to point movements, precalculated positions or complete path control, the new control system from Festo is scalable and modular. And it is an integral part of the mechatronic modular handling system. The control module CPX-CM-HPP provides access to the new world of control systems. It enables the Festo electric axes to be controlled via all the fieldbus nodes available in CPX. Up to four individual electric axes can be connected via a CAN bus interface. As a result, the electric drives are compatible with all industrial communication interfaces. The Festo Handling and Positioning Profile FHHP connection is used here, integrating the electric drives in the CPX system. The access module can control the axes individually and independently of one other. The CPX-CMXX multi-axis interface is available for additional functions. The integration of the controller in the display and control units FED saves space. pb

fieldbus nodes Feldbusknoten

access module Einstiegsmodul



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marking and coding

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Industry 4.0 moves into product marking and coding. Paul Leibinger enables manufacturing companies to enter the Industry 4.0 era with high-level cost-effectiveness.


IntelliPICK3D systems

Shortest Cycle Times

A new robot vision system is making automated component separation more efficient, reliable and versatile. The new IntelliPICK3D systems from Isra Vision now make automated bin picking even more efficient and flexible.


Highlight der Woche

FMB 2018: Innovationen für Maschinenbau und Produktion
Vom 7. bis 9. November 2018
finden Sie auf der 14. FMB – Zuliefermesse Maschinenbau in Bad Salzuflen die neusten Technologien, Produktinnovationen und Automatisierungslösungen in den zentralen Bereichen Konstruktion, Fertigung und Montage. Hier treffen Sie Branchenpartner und Entscheider mitten im Spitzencluster für intelligente technische Systeme.

Zum Highlight der Woche...

Position Switches

Switch on flexibility!

The Schmersal Group launches a new generation of position switches. The benefits for the user: The new position switches product range offers varied applications, as all the position switches can be used both as complete devices and as modular units.


TS 5 conveyor

Quick assembly

Rexroth presents the latest edition of its transfer system for heavy loads. By optimizing existing components and integrating important new modules into the portfolio, the TS 5 conveyor system has become more flexible.



Contactless motion

Planar Motor introduces Hoverbots, which are based on field-pinching technology to manipulate each individual work-piece without any contact in six degrees of freedom: unlimited planar translation in X and Y in addition to limited Z translation and...