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English for engineers

Für das Berufsbild des Ingenieurs sind Englischkenntnisse unerlässlich. Aus der technischen Kommunikation ist diese Sprache nicht mehr wegzudenken. Doch Hand aufs Herz: Sind Ihre Englisch-Kenntnisse noch up to date? Beherrschen Sie die Begriffe der englischen Fachsprache? handling druckt regelmäßig ausgewählte englische Texte ab und übersetzt einige Vokabeln.

Efficient and gentle small product handling

Flexlink introduces its first choice for production logistics: The new X45 conveyor platform and the X45e intelligent drive and puck handling units are the latest of the company´s developments in making efficient production systems easy. Whenever compact integration of conveyors to machinery and equipment, or intelligent production systems for small products is required, X45 offers innovative solutions supporting a short takt time and gentle product handling. The system offers a long, trouble free operation, and the flexibility to adapt to changing production needs and market requirements. The X45 conveyor platform has compact boundary dimensions making integration easy, yet it offers efficient line layouts and opportunities to optimize customer´s production flow.

FlexLink is organized to achieve a strong customer focus promoting close working relationships. The company operates in an extensive sales organization, locally present and backed up by centralized expertise and services, such as innovation and product management, product engineering and supply chain. pb


gentle product behutsame handling Produkthandhabung
trouble free störungsfreier operation Betriebsablauf

compact boundary kompakte dimensions Abmessungen


Bionic design principles for flexible automation

The so called Fin Ray Effect is an exciting new development in handling technology. Derived from the design of a fish’s tail fin, the Fin Gripper adapts directly to the contour of the workpiece with lateral application of pressure – regardless of the component contour. Following its successful use in the AquaPenguin and AirJelly, this gripping principle opens up completely new horizons in industrial automation, for example for transporting and positioning components sensitive to pressure without any damage. The Fin Ray Effect brings the principles of biomechatronics to automation technology. Festo presents the BionicTripod as a successful example of the systematic application of bionic design principles to efficient and flexible automation. Its greatest advantages are its versatile movement and adaptive gripping. pb

with lateral bei seitlich application einwirkendem of pressure Druck
without any damage ohne Beschädigung

the systematic konsequente application of Ableitung von bionic design bionischen Kon- principles struktionsprinzipien



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