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English for engineers

Für das Berufsbild des Ingenieurs sind Englischkenntnisse unerlässlich. Aus der technischen Kommunikation ist diese Sprache nicht mehr wegzudenken. Doch Hand aufs Herz: Sind Ihre Englisch-Kenntnisse noch up-to-date? Beherrschen Sie die vielen neuen Begriffe der englischen Fachsprache, die seit Ihrer Ausbildung hinzugekommen sind? handling druckt regelmäßig ausgewählte englische Texte ab und übersetzt einige Vokabeln.

The green machine

It´s not just a colour: Combilift is the world´s first IC engine-powered-all-wheel-drive multidirectional forklift. It is actually a combination of forklift and side-loader, and is highly manoeuvrable and offers a very safe, very cost effective method to handle long and awkward loads.

The Combilift main benefits include safer product handling, space savings, long load handling, indoor and outdoor use and increase productivity.

Using patented, leading edge technology, Combilift forklifts are equipped with a unique four-way steering system that allows the units to travel sideways with long loads. By eliminating the need to travel with long loads lifted high, the units provide greater stability. Its integrated platform with low centre of gravity also provides a more stable base. Combilift operates equally efficiently both in-doors and out.

The revolutionary combilift multidirectional forklift is capable of handling loads of all sizes and removes the need for both a counterbalance and a sideloader by combining both machines in one simple and easy to use vehicle. pb


awkward loads schwierige (komplizierte) Ladung
low centre niedriger of gravity Schwerpunkt

counterbalance Gegengewichtsstapler


In action for luggage

At Frankfurt Airport, Fraport is running one of the leading aviation hubs in the world. On peak days, it handles more than 120.000 items of luggage.

Rittal CM compact enclosure systems are used on the new baggage-conveyor systems for protecting and operating state-of-the-art control electronics.

To provide the highest safety standards, Fraport, in cooperation with SEAP Automation in Langen, has installed a new luggage conveyor system with multi-level control equipment.

An ultra-modern drive control system is used to ensure the smooth transport of luggage items. In order to protect it, SPS outputs for actuators and sensors are installed throughout 200 Rittal CM compact enclosure systems.

Thanks to the lateral CM rails for interior installation, direct assembly of the Lütze wiring system was possible – even without the framework or machining that would otherwise be necessary. Preconfigured profiles ensure a flexible sealing of the cable in the lower part of the enclosure. They can easily be clipped into the gland plate and enclosure. pb

compact enclosure Kompakt- systems schranksystem
wiring system Verdrahtungssystem

gland plate Bodenblech



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