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hello handling

English for engineers

Für das Berufsbild des Ingenieurs sind Englischkenntnisse unerlässlich. Aus der technischen Kommunikation ist diese Sprache nicht mehr wegzudenken. Doch Hand aufs Herz: Sind Ihre Englisch-Kenntnisse noch up to date? Beherrschen Sie die vielen neuen Begriffe der englischen Fachsprache, die seit Ihrer Ausbildung hinzugekommen sind? handling druckt regelmäßig ausgewählte englische Texte ab und übersetzt einige Vokabeln.

Soft robot mimics caterpillar movement

Researchers at Tufts University in the US are using a Zwick biaxial testing machine to test biological and engineered biocompatible materials for the development of the world‘s first soft-bodied robot.

Based on the neuromechanical system of the caterpillar Manduca sexta, the softbot prototype is approximately 30 centimeters long and made of silicone elastomer. The mechanical material characterization is performed at the Soft Materials Characterization Laboratory at Tufts‘ Advanced Technology Laboratory.

The Zwick Roell biaxial testing machine is being used to characterize isotropic and anisotropic elastomers and thus helps the researchers to model the behaviour of the material. Unlike vertebrates, caterpillars don‘t have bones associated with their muscles to provide a system of levers. Though one knows lots about vertebrate muscles one doesn‘t know a whole lot about caterpillars‘ muscles. Yet caterpillars can crawl up walls, grasp narrow branches or stems with sticky Velcro-like feet, and rotate their bodies almost full-circle as they sense their environment. pb


caterpillar Raupenbewegung movement
soft-bodied robot Weichkörperroboter

vertebrate Wirbeltiere


Packaging suction pads made of Elastodur

Vacuum technology specialist J. Schmalz in Glatten has developed a new generation of packaging suction pads especially for handling cardboard boxes and rigid packaged products. The vacuum suction pads are made of Elastodur and are offered in three versions: one flat suction pad model (SPF) and two bellows suction pad models with 1.5 corrugations in either round (SPB1) or oval (SPOB1) shapes. The suction pads are available with diameters of 20 to 60 millimeters, dimensions of 60 to 20 up to 150 to 60 millimeters and either male or female thread. It allows even large-diameter suction pads to be replaced quickly. The packaging suction pads are designed to be extremely durable and are made of the specially developed highly durable material Elastodur. The suction pad’s reinforced main body and integrated support ribs on the suction surface guarantee maximum suction power and stability. With the SPB1 and SPOB1 bellows suction pads, additional interleaving of the sealing lip and the corrugation ensures even greater stability. All models in the new series of packaging suction pads feature a soft and extremely flexible sealing lip. pb

rigid packaged eigenstabil products verpackte Produkte
bellows suction pad Balgsauggreifer

male or female Innen- oder thread Außengewinde



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