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Corrosion-resistant clevises

Aggressive ambient conditions in production are difficult for some machine parts, especially for clevises. These important linking elements used in many fields are, in addition to attacks from external sources, also exposed to the tensile, compressive, folding and shear forces generated during the manufacturing process. This multiple loading shortens the service life of standard parts considerably, increases the maintenance expenditure and, in extreme cases, may result in serious machine damage. In order to eliminate material damage caused by corrosion from the outset, the clevis specialist mbo Osswald features in its product range corrosion-resistant clevises which, depending on the choice of material, can also withstand aggressive media or ambient conditions. The clevises are made up of nickel-chromium steel of the grades 1.4301, 1.4305 or 1.4404 (seawater-resistant), which is able to prolong the service life significantly even in case of problematic conditions. pb

the clevis Der Gabelkopf linking elements Verbindungselemente


maintenance Wartungskosten expenditure


Anybus for connection

HMS Industrial Networks now is member of Sercos International and announced its full commitment by adding a Sercos III version into the family of interchangeable Anybus communication modules. HMS already supports 18 different fieldbusses and four different industrial Ethernet technologies. Sercos III is the latest contribution to the ever growing family of interchangeable Anybus communication modules. “We have some 500 automation device manufactures world-wide that standardized on our Anybus technology for industrial communication. All these vendors now also have easy access to the Sercos III technology for their products” says Michael Volz, Marketing Director of HMS. “We recognize the growing interest for Sercos among European machine builders, and for us it is important to provide our customers with a solution for instant Sercos III connectivity”. The new Anybus-CC module for SERCOS III has been developed in co-operation with Bosch Rexroth. pb

full commitment volles Engagement interchangeable austauschbar

latest contribution jüngster Beitrag, neueste Beteiligung



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