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Cutting edge technologies for card personalization

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Focusing on significant benefits for the entire payment card value chain including substantially lower personalization costs and shortened lead time for increased supply chain flexibility, the market leader in card personalization presents remarkable innovations using its proven Omega drop on demand (DoD) Piezo technology, which is the core element of Atlantic Zeiser systems as an in-house designed Inkjet Printing technology with print resolutions of up to 720dpi and speeds of up to 30.000 cards per hour. Following the acceptance of DoD based personalization by payment networks, the two-sided Cardline Versa solution is widely being utilized by most major perso bureaus. This new technology revolutionizes the entire PrePaid Card Industry allowing for increased card volumes and lower card costs without the more expensive and less productive embossing or thermal applications. Atlantic Zeiser Group is a world-leader in card personalization solutions offering complete system solutions for Flat Financial Cards from magstripe to full EMV cards that significantly lower the cost per card. pb

core element

Herzstück, Kernstück

embossing application




Robotics, Motion Control and PLC on one platform

TwinCAT automation software now permits the integration of robots as well as their interaction and synchronisation with existing motion control functions. This results in seamless integration into the overall control system and being able to dispense with additional robot CPUs. The PC-based controller from Beckhoff unites PLC, motion control and robotics all on one hardware and software platform – an important component to achieving leading edge. TwinCAT Kinematic Transformation software is the first step toward integrating robot control into the TwinCAT automation software suite. The PLC, Motion Control, HMI and robotic functions run on one powerful Industrial PC CPU. This provides the user with a whole series of advantages: eliminating the additional CPU required for robot control, reduction in engineering costs, no friction losses due to the interaction of various CPUs for PLC, motion and robotics, higher performance and accuracy due to direct interfaces – complex communication between CPUs is no longer required. pb

seamless integration

nahtlose Integration

no friction losses

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