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At the end of the arm

Today a good command of English is self-evident. How about your knowledge of technical terms? At regular intervals handling publishes interesting news and translates some vocabulary.

End-of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT) stands for gripper systems in gripper technology that are located at the end of a robotic arm and are connected with the robot via an adapter plate. A gripper system essentially consists of a base plate, the framing system and the gripper / air nippers or the gripper fingers. EOAT plays a significant role in industrial automation and is used for handling components and assemblies. Industries typically deploying EOAT solutions are those of the automotive and plastics technology. The design and type of the gripper components used are determined primarily by the geometry and properties of the work-pieces to be handled. In the process, maximum flexibility is made available to various industries by a complete range of gripper components: Grippers, gripper fingers and complete gripper systems for handling work-pieces having highly complex shapes, quick-change systems, aluminum framings as well as clamps and connectors and pneumatic nippers. Ideally, individual components should be compatible with one another in such a manner that systems can be installed quickly and modified or extended easily. The use of high-quality components compatible with one another ensures long service life and low maintenance effort and cost. pb


properties of the work-piece

Abmessungen des Werkstücks


Bügel, Klemmstück


Panel solar system

Lipro presents a wide range of con- veyors made with standard belt, which have been designed to move a load with small and medium dimensions. An interesting application is the use as panel solar system. In addition to the standard range of conveyors, purpose-designed conveyors can be made. In accordance with customer´s wishes and require- ments the company, which has been present on the Slovene and Euro- pean market since its founding an 1998, projects and manufactures any purpose-designed conveyor to customer specification. The conveyor construction features aluminum profiles and accessories, smooth PVC or polyurethane belt, drive and reverse drive units, bearing sides with flange, bearings, screws, rust resistant sheet metal belt case and direct or indirect motorization with reduction gear. Supporting legs for floor mounting are not included in standard equip- ment. But on especial customer´s wish supporting legs can be produced and set up with the conveyor. The standard supply of conveyors provides composed and packed conveyor, equipped with technical documentation and manual instructions. pb

purpose-designed conveyor

anwendungsspezifisches Transportband





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