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Adjustable Bag Gripper

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SAS Automation recently introduced a new adjustable bag gripper for a variety of bag handling applications. A custom bag gripper tool is often used to palletize woven cloth, plastic or paper bags containing heavy products including grains, chemicals, dog food, minerals and plastic resins. SAS has designed an adjustable bag gripper that eliminates the need for costly custom tooling and can be adjusted quickly and easily in minutes for different production runs using a simple hand wheel. This innovate gripper uses stainless steel fingers for both strength and their ability to withstand harsh manufacturing environments. A decker mechanism is designed into the tool to facilitate an accurate bag drop once positioned over the pallet – crucial for a tightly packed pallet. The gripper can be fitted with a servo drive to automatically adjust while on-the-move to accommodate mixed loads. The bearings in this gripper are double-sealed for long life. pb

to withstand harsh manufacturing environments

rauen Produktionsumgebungen widerstehen

to accommodate mixed loads

unterschiedliche Sackgrößen anpassen



Robust position switches

Machinery safety and explosion protection are two fields placing extremely high requirements on industrial switchgear. The new position switches of the EX-T 335 series meet these requirements and therefore are suitable for the position monitoring of safety guards in explosive atmospheres. The basis series Z/T 335 is a state-of the art position switch for many fields of mechanical engineering, where it is used for safety-related applications and also for conventional position tasks when an extremely long lifetime is required. The series now has been made compliant with the requirements of explosion protection, as a result of which it is certified to the Atex Directive for applications in the gas Ex Zones 1 and 2 as well as the dust Ex Zones 21 and 22. These components also feature an extraordinary long life and high load-bearing capacity: their mechanical lifetime is approximately more than one million of operations. The position switches of the EX-T 335 series have extremely compact mounting sizes to EN 50041. pb

the requirements of explosion protection

die Anforderungen des Explosionsschutzes

mechanical life- time is more than one million of operations

mechanische Lebensdauer liegt bei einer Million Schaltspielen



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Trays oder KLTs direkt vom Bodenroller palettieren

Das Palettiersystem der SAST-Serie von Hirata ist besonders kompakt und benötigt nur eine geringe Standfläche. Es palettiert und depalettiert Trays oder KLTs direkt von handelsüblichen Bodenrollern.

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Läger optimal planen
Die Planung staplerbedienter Palettenläger stellt eine große Herausforderung dar, gilt es doch, den Zielkonflikt aus Lagergröße bzw. Stellplatzanzahl, Umschlagleistung und Investitionsaufwand bestmöglich aufzulösen. Das Kompetenzzentrum Fabrikplanung der Hinterschwepfinger Gruppe unterstützt mittelständische Unternehmen bei der idealen Auslegung von staplerbedienten Lägern und Logistikzentren.

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