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HMS Industrial Networks has presented a number of solutions targeting energy management in automation systems. Recent research from the AIDA group of German automobile manufacturers (Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, VW) and the Profibus User Organization shows that industrial networks play a major role in the implementation of control strategies for energy optimization on the plant floor. As one of the leading manufacturers of industrial networking solutions, HMS has already introduced Profienergy-conformant Anybus embedded communication modules. Support for further energy management profiles will follow as soon as they become stable and widely accepted. HMS has identified that it may take some time until the latest energy management standards will be used plant-wide. In the meantime, HMS offers a wide range of solutions mainly targeted at system integrators and end users. These solutions enable the integration of standard automation equipment into modern fieldbus or industrial Ethernet communication systems, increasing the level of automation, system efficiency and energy management. pb

control strategies for energy optimization on the plant floor

Strategien zur Optimierung des Energieverbrauchs in der Fertigung



For leaner architecture

Lenze links its decentralised frequency inverter from the 8400 motec inverter drives range to current real-time Ethernet networks. With plug-in interfaces for Profinet and Ethercat, it is also possible to integrate the simple variable speed drives seamlessly into existing, high-performance communications networks. With the rapid spread of Profinet and Ethercat in particular, this approach offers major benefits. The 8400 motec inverter drives have been designed for applications in plants covering large areas, in particular for decentralised drive solutions in the power range between 0,37 and 3 kW. Together with the geared motor, the motec compact motor inverter constitutes a mechatronic unit which, thanks to its robust construction and its high IP 65 protection, can be fitted outside the control panel, directly on or near the motor. The direct connection to Profinet and Ethercat means that it is now easily possible to integrate decentralised Lenze drives into the control system. Conventional bus systems have one data bundle for each separate node – here „interpreter“ between the various protocols is omitted, as well as the necessary hardware. pb

data bundle for each separate node

Datenbündelung pro gesondertem Knotenpunkt



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Fernwartung mit 4G

Den Fernwartungsrouter Ewon Cosy von HMS gibt es jetzt auch in einer Ausführung für 4G LTE (Europa, Nordamerika). Außerdem unterstützen alle Modelle auch eine Benachrichtigungsfunktion.



Automated Relubrication System

Schaeffler Dura Sense is now available for linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies. Schaeffler integrates sensors and vibration analysis into its linear guidance systems and offers these mechatronic components with automated...


marking and coding

Hunting lion

Industry 4.0 moves into product marking and coding. Paul Leibinger enables manufacturing companies to enter the Industry 4.0 era with high-level cost-effectiveness.