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Development perspectives for electric drives.
The future of electric drives: easy to size, easy to order and easy to assemble – for example the safety-related electric axis EGC with dual- channel displacement encoder and clamping unit. (Foto: Festo)
Where does the future lie in automation with electric drives? Three short-term trends are currently emerging: faster product availability, simplified control technology and handling as well as machine safety. Festo introduces the „Optimised Motion Series“.

Today‘s consumers expect technological products that are intuitive to use, available quickly and safe. In addition, design engineers and developers of machines and systems expect comprehensive support from their system partners – especially during boom times when they are under enormous time pressure and have no time to carry out development work and experiments themselves. They want their system partners to have their products available quickly, the control technology and handling of products to be made simpler and they want comprehensive support in the area of machine safety.

Therefore, electric drives should be easy to size, easy to order and easy to assemble – these are the important issues for faster product availability. For easier sizing, there will be a range of pre-defined and tested combinations with all of the necessary data in the catalogue. For easier ordering, a complete drive solution – comprising mechanical system, motor and motor controller – can now be ordered with just a single part number. And for easier assembly, the motor and mechanical system will be available as a unit. Festo has called this response to user demand the „Optimised Motion Series“.


Just have a look to the cloud

Web browser technology will simplify control technology and handling in the future. Web configuration based on the parameter cloud will make commissioning easy. Simple control is based on the basic principles of pneumatic valve technology. The diagnostic function accessed via a standard web browser supports simplified maintenance. Festo offers an overall safety concept to the customer, which supports monitoring of the axis mechanics as well as safety-related clamping or braking. This is exactly what the safety-related electric axis EGC with dual-channel displacement encoder and clamping unit does. The mechanical system can be monitored by a motor encoder (first channel) and a linear displacement encoder (second channel) (EGC-M). The single-channel or dual-channel clamping units EGC-HPN for holding a position, crash protection and with emergency braking features facilitate safety measures, for example in the case of vertical axes.

These drive-related safety functions can be monitored by the certified safety system CMGA for motor controllers. Conventional safety command devices such as emergency stop switches, protective door switches, light curtains and laser scanners can be connected to the system. As soon as these trigger a safety requirement, a safety-related stop such as an SS1 or SS2 is triggered via the safety system CMGA or safely limited speed is monitored in set-up mode. For ease of use, there are pre-validated application programs for many machines. These reduce the complexity of a programmable safety system to the simplicity of a safety relay. pb

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comprehensive support

umfassende Unterstützung

linear displacement encoder

lineares Messsystem


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