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Enhancing Productivity

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Enhancing productivity while reducing energy consumption – it’s not a contradiction in terms. The IndraMotion MTX CNC solution from Rexroth helps machine manufacturers and operators to balance these two key requirements and achieve both in optimum style. To do so, the drive and control specialist Rexroth has introduced a number of innovations in the hardware and software used for the system, which is now in its 12th version. Control units equipped with a multi-core processor execute programs at top speed, boosting productivity. The energy monitoring function of the software records energy consumption, either by specific consumers such as drive axes or by work piece, facilitating energy efficiency in machine tool operation. The IndraMotion MTX CNC solution with integrated PLC is scalable in terms of functionality and productivity: Depending on the number of axes, users can choose between micro, standard, performance and advanced. The IndraMotion MTX advanced, which is equipped with a multi-core processor, was designed especially for machines with many axes and complex production processes that utilize multiple production technologies in a single work piece clamping. Intelligent distribution of control sequences to the multi-core architecture delivers the added performance necessary to execute programs quickly. pb


contradiction in terms

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single work piece clamping



No Pallet Rack Damage

With the weak economy, the temptation to buy used or uncertified pallet racks can become a safety, operational or liability danger if warehouse owners and managers aren’t careful. In warehouse, distribution and retail settings where selective rack is used, for instance, the height to depth rack ratio in low seismic areas must meet Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) specification to prevent pallet rack damage and tipping safety hazards. The RMI specification, which the International Building Code (IBC) references for the design of steel storage rack, must be met or permitting can be delayed, but not everyone may know about it. This is particularly common when dealing in used rack or smaller warehouse operations. The risk of rack tipping increases where fork trucks operate or when racks are loaded improperly. If a vendor is RMI-compliant or offers a calculation package for the permit process like Steel King, the rack is automatically designed to spec, but that’s not always the case. While avoiding the overloading at the top of pallet racks and installing more robust base plates can help to minimize the risk of a pallet rack tipping. There are important guidelines to observe, and it’s important to work with a trusted RMI-certified vendor like Steel King, a major designer and manufacturer of warehouse storage rack, pallet rack and material handling products. pb

pallet rack


risk of rack tipping




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Hunting lion

Industry 4.0 moves into product marking and coding. Paul Leibinger enables manufacturing companies to enter the Industry 4.0 era with high-level cost-effectiveness.


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Position Switches

Switch on flexibility!

The Schmersal Group launches a new generation of position switches. The benefits for the user: The new position switches product range offers varied applications, as all the position switches can be used both as complete devices and as modular units.