Multifunctional safety light curtains and light grids

Differentiating people and materials

Flexibility is desirable at the human-machine interface of systems designed for assembly and handling technology industries.

Due to the compact design the safety light curtains and light grids are suitable for small installation spaces. These elements permit the constant flow of products through the danger area without the need to stop the machine. (Foto: Schmersal)

Designers often dispense with the traditional guard door for securing dangerous points and areas. The use of optoelectronic protective devices which permit a clear view of the process and enable a more flexible adaptation to the production process is more desirable.

The additional flexibility is made possible by features such as the stationary or mobile hiding of objects - fixed blanking or floating blanking. This function permits the constant flow of products through the danger area without the need to stop the machine. In other application cases, blanking with a variable border area is desired.

Suitable for small installation spaces

The safety light curtains and light grids of the SLC/SLG 440 series offer these functions as standard. This means both functions are available in one package eradicating the need for separate purchases. This makes the SLC/SLG 440 series truly universal. The selection is carried out in the programming mode. The seven-segment display offers choices which can be selected and stored in the system in an operator-friendly manner without the need of a PC and software. This is achieved using just one command device, a push-button.

Also as standard is contact monitoring (EDM), and the optional automatic restart mode or the manual restart mode and beam-coding. This enables the machine and system manufacturers to reduce stock. Regardless of the operating conditions, only one model is required.


Thanks to the compact design - the profile measurements are 28 to 33 millimeters - means the new safety light curtains and light grids are suitable for small installation spaces. The closed sensor profile offers optimal protection even under heavy mechanical loads. Also as standard is an integrated alignment aid to ensure the transmitting and receiving units are exactly aligned with each other. That saves time during installation.

Available in several variations

The SLC 440 series is available in 14 and 30 millimeters resolutions with protection heights available from 170 to 1.770 Millimeters. For securing perimeter areas, the SLG 440 safety light grids are available with protective heights from 500 to 900 millimeters and ranges up to twelve meters. Both series can be used to establish safety circuits up to PL e (EN 13849) or SIL 3 (IEC 61508).   pb


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