Transfer system with new motors and modular units

Efficiency in Assembly Systems

Energy-efficient motors enable environmentally-friendly production with the Rexroth TS 2plus transfer system. In addition, the new modular units increase flexibility.

The Rexroth TS 2plus transfer system with new energy-efficient motors and modular units. (Photo: Bosch Rexroth)

Overall efficiency is a key topic when it comes to investments in assembly systems, demonstrated by low energy consumption and high flexibility. Systems designed for ever increasing market requirements not only have to cope with changing batch sizes and shorter product cycles, but also meet demanding environmental objectives. Rexroth now offers energy-efficient motors for its TS 2plus transfer system, as well as additional modular units for even more application options.

Ever shorter innovation and product cycles are decisive factors when selecting transfer systems. At the same time, environmental aspects are becoming increasingly important when looking at overall efficiency. Bosch Rexroth is facing up to these challenges and has countered them by expanding its TS 2plus transfer system with new modular units.

An effective use of energy is the main feature of the new Rexroth motors for all TS 2plus modular units. The 3-phase motors already meet the future requirements of efficiency class IE3, save around 15 percent energy and pay off within a maximum of two years. In addition to continuous operation and connection to variable-speed frequency converters, the new motors also enable start-stop operation. This saves even more energy, as the transfer section only runs as needed. The Rexroth for Energy Efficiency (4EE) concept makes a major contribution to ensure that operation of the TS 2plus transfer system is cost-effective and energy-efficient. The 3-phase motors are certified in accordance with CE, cURus, and CCC, and work with common global voltages so that they can be implemented in all major industrial countries.


Additional modular units make the Rexroth transfer system even more flexible and versatile. The new lift transverse unit can transfer work piece pallets sized 240 x 240 up to 640 x 640 millimeters and with an overall weight of up to 130 kg from longitudinal to transverse sections. The conveyor medium is a robust, quiet duplex chain which has proven itself in harsh ambient conditions. Integrating the lift gate into the standard offering has made the previous special solution even more cost-effective. The lift gate supports belt sections and can be folded up effortlessly via gas pressure springs. As a result, the user has easy access to the transfer system for maintenance. The new lift rotate unit lifts work piece pallets up to 240 kg from the conveyor system and rotates them by 90 or 180° so that the products are transferred to the processing stations in the correct position.

The versatile Rexroth TS 2plus transfer system is reliable even under challenging conditions, such as in ESD environments or in clean room and dry room applications, and is thus suitable for a variety of sectors, from the automotive industry, to electronics and electrical technology, through to medical technology and the optical industry. pb


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