Professional protection for PCs and other devices

A user-friendly workplace

Rittal is showing just how versatile and adaptable the new SE 8 enclosure is by developing it into a PC enclosure system. The robust IT workplace offers more security for sensitive hardware such as PCs, monitors and printers in harsh industrial environments.

The PC enclosure based on SE 8 offers increased protection against unauthorised access, the accumulation of dust and jets of water, thanks to an all-encompassing steel body, in which the side panels and roof are made from one piece of sheet steel. (Photo: Rittal)

The new Rittal PC enclosure offers increased protection against unauthorised access, the accumulation of dust and jets of water, thanks to an all-enclosing circumferential steel body, in which the side panels and roof are made from a single piece of sheet steel. The innovation, which is also available as a stainless steel optional, meets protection class IP 55 in accordance with EN 60529 and NEMA 12. The PC enclosure has been very flexibly designed for a user-friendly system control and meets a variety of requirements to securely accommodate all the computer equipment: from the monitor to the computer system itself, as well as the printer, keyboard and mouse. For example, the keyboard may have a desk section or optionally a lockable drawer or fold-out tray for use in tight spaces. This means that keyboards can be mounted up to a height of 70 cm.

Special contact elements for secure electrical connection
The upper part of the PC enclosure is used for installing the monitor. High access protection is ensured by a glazed door with single-pane safety glass and an internally mounted closure system. The lower part of the PC enclosure offers space for the printer. To make servicing easier, a door on the rear panel ensures easy access. The PC enclosure features automatic potential equalization of the enclosure body with rear panel and gland plates. This is achieved by using special contact elements pushed into the surface coating during the assembly procedure, so establishing a secure electrical connection. There are clear advantages when plant constructors choose Rittal’s standardised solutions for PC enclosures with a uniform system platform. Thus, the PC enclosure based on the SE 8 is not only compatible with the accessories of the TS 8 baying system used worldwide in industrial and IT applications; an improved use of space due to the two-level approach, lower assembly costs, as well as access to an extensive climate control technology platform are also guaranteed.  pb


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