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Investing in ergonomics pays off.

A company‘s competitiveness, productivity and efficiency are not only affected by current market requirements but are also influenced by the effects of demographic change.

By investing in ergonomic workstations, companies can increase their productivity.

Based on studies and decades of practical experience, Rexroth offers an extensive program of ergonomic manual workstations and tightening systems. These include, among other things, the new swivel work chairs for dynamic seating and user-friendly cordless nutrunners.

Recent demographic studies have shown that the average age of the workforce is rising and absences due to illness are getting longer. In Germany alone, illness-related absences of employees are costing companies around 129 billion Euro every year. Among the main causes are back problems and damage to the musculoskeletal system. This is a problem companies could actively do something about. Modern production techniques lend themselves particularly well to ergonomic workstation design. Compared to the high costs of sick leaves and absences, the expenses for ergonomics are relatively minor. Those who treat their human capital with care will be able to stay profitable in the long run.


As a specialist for production techniques, Bosch Rexroth has been working on continuously improving manual workstations for years and helps customers meet the higher ergonomics requirements. With the new swivel work chairs from Rexroth, it no longer matters whether a worker is old or young, tall or short, slim or heavy-set: Users can easily adjust their chairs according to their personal needs for maximum ergonomic seating comfort. The new swivel work chairs offer a variety of functions, including step-up rail, adjustable seating surface, and synchronous techniques with weight regulation. In addition, the chair back promotes a healthy sitting posture by contouring the shape of the human spine. The swivel work chairs encourage dynamic sitting and a fatigue-preventing posture in all areas of use, thereby keeping workers healthy and performing well.

Especially in hard-to-reach bolt positions – for instance when working overhead or inside a car – having no cables to deal with makes the job easier. An integrated color display on the Rexroth cordless nutrunner clearly displays the quality of the connections, independent of the worker’s position – even when a radio shadow occurs. Rexroth has managed to completely integrate all control and power electronics into the cordless nutrunner. As a result, an additional external control unit is not required and the process remains stable if the network connection is temporarily lost. The ergonomic design and integrated high-intensity LED providing light at the bolt location ensure fatigue-free working and reduce the risk of errors.



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