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Tube lifters - Easily up!

Tube liftersEasily up!

Lifting devices relieve workers of heavy labor and increase productivity.

tube lifter

A tube lifter is a lifting device that is attached to a crane system and controlled by a hand-held control unit. The mode of operation of the tube lifter is very simple. A vacuum pump connected to a spiral tube, referred to as the lifting tube, creates a vacuum within that tube. The vacuum level is controlled by the hand-held control unit, which opens and closes the valve flaps in the interior of the lifting tube. When the valve flaps are closed, the vacuum level increases. The lifting tube contracts like an accordion. When the valve is opened, outside air flows into the vacuum system. The vacuum level decreases and the lifting tube expands. Depending on the application, the vacuum is generated by a side channel blower, a vacuum pump, or by a multi-chamber ejector.

At the bottom of the control unit there is a load handling attachment, which is either a vacuum cup or a mechanical load handling attachment. Vacuum cups use the vacuum created to lift and to hold light to medium loads. A mechanical load handling attachment is used if suction is not suitable for the application.

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Tube lifters work in light to medium load ranges, usually up to 300 kilograms. They greatly improve efficiency and occupational health and safety when working in trade and production processes and environments. The range of application extends from ergonomic handling of sheet metal, glass, machine-loading of wood panels to the picking and palletising of cartons and bags and multiple handling tasks in internal logistics.

Fipa offers all necessary accessories for tube lifters, for example replacement lifting tubes in lengths of 2.5, three and four meters in all necessary diameters from 60 to 200 millimeters. The lifting tubes serve as replacements for wear or if the use of an existing unit is to be changed, so that a different tube lifter length is required.

There are vacuum hoses for connecting your tube lifter to the vacuum supply in the diameters 25, 38 50 millimeters. The flexible vacuum hoses are best suited to use in combination with the cable carriage with belt. Suitable for a vacuum hose with diameter of 25 millimeters, Fipa also offers a hose coupling for rapid changing of the vacuum supply.

Fipa offers vacuum cups for use on the tube lifters Fipalift Smart, Expert and Basic in several materials for the widest range of industrial applications. pb

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